Javascript Obfuscator

JavaScript Obfuscator is an online tool that helps you protect your JavaScript code by making it more difficult for others to read, understand, and reverse-engineer. The obfuscator works by converting your original code into an equivalent, yet harder-to-understand version, using techniques such as variable and function name mangling, string encryption, and control flow flattening. This helps protect your intellectual property and increases the security of your code.

How to use it:

  1. Copy your original JavaScript code and paste it into the provided input box on the page.

  2. Configure the obfuscation settings according to your needs. These may include options for variable name mangling, string encryption, control flow flattening, and other techniques. You can choose the level of obfuscation based on your desired balance between code protection and performance.

  3. Click the "Obfuscate" button to process your code. The tool will apply the selected obfuscation techniques to your JavaScript code.

  4. Once the obfuscation process is complete, the obfuscated code will be displayed in an output box on the page. You can now copy this obfuscated code and replace your original code with it in your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files.

  5. Test your web application to ensure the obfuscated code still functions as expected. It is essential to verify that the obfuscation process has not introduced any bugs or unintended side effects.

By using's JavaScript Obfuscator, you can increase the security of your code and protect your intellectual property without sacrificing functionality.

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